A Message to Parents

“Dear Parents:

Thank you for considering my office for your child’s dental care asleep.

I strive to provide the highest level of safety and tailored anesthesia for each patient in my office.  It is my passion to treat children requiring anesthesia and it is my goal to make the process as easy and relaxing as possible for you and your child.

I encourage you to speak to me at your consultation appointment about any concerns you have regarding the safety and risks of deep sedation or general anesthesia for your child.

I am an empathetic parent myself and I want you to be open and honest with me about your concerns or fears so we can make you feel comfortable with your decision-making for your child at our office.

I am present in EVERY consultation so you will have every opportunity to spend time with me and ask questions.  I treat my patients like family and do not want you to feel rushed.

I am conscientious of the effects of anesthetic medications on the developing brain and will speak to you about how to receive information on the newest research statements if you request.

I look forward to meeting you and your family at the consultation and thank you again for considering me for your child’s care.


Dr. Bryan Waxman”

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Vaughan Mills Sleep Dentistry is a Referral Based Anaesthesia Specialty practice located in Vaughan, Ontario (right next to Vaughan Mills mall). We provide all levels of sedation but the majority of our patients require deep sedation or general anaesthesia to complete their dental work.

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