Dr. Bryan Waxman

Certified Specialist in Dental Anesthesia

“Providing high quality dental work for children who require anesthesia in order to achieve dental health is my passion in the field of dentistry“




Dr. Waxman

Dr. Waxman is a Certified Specialist in Dental Anaesthesia.  He strives to provide the highest quality dental care and the highest level of patient safety.  He is patient-centred, available, caring and empathetic.  He is passionate about what he does and the care he provides.  Dr. Waxman AND the nursing team have advanced training in adult and child emergencies (ACLS/PALS), and his team of nurses and assistants routinely review and simulate emergency scenarios.


Registered Nurse


Anna has a unique skillset of nursing tailored to the private office venue.  She has extensive clinical experience with providing anaesthesia care to patients of all ages in private dental anaesthesia offices.  Anna is caring, thorough, and understanding and is a huge part of what makes our office safe.  Alongside Gaby, Carmen,and Dr. Waxman, Anna is an integral member of the anaesthesia team from start to finish. Anna is trained in advanced life support for children and adults (ACLS/PALS)


Registered Nurse


Gabriela brings years of experience and advanced training with ICU nursing specific to Anaesthesia.  She is patient-centred, empathetic, caring and compassionate and she is a wonderful part of our team.  Alongside Anna, Carmen, and Dr. Waxman, Gaby is an integral member of the anaesthesia team from start to finish. Gaby has advanced training in adult and child emergencies (ACLS/PALS).


Certified Dental Assistant


Carmen brings extensive dental experience that enables efficient delivery of dental treatment under general anesthesia.  This includes expert water/debris control and airway support along with materials and dental procedure preparedness.  Carmen is caring and passionate about helping our patients achieve optimal dental health in a safe environment.  Alongside Anna, Gaby, and Dr. Waxman, Carmen is an integral team member for patient safety.


Receptionist / Treatment Coordinator


Wendy is usually the first voice you hear and the first face you see.  She is so friendly and welcoming, she puts everyone at ease.  She brings years of dental administration experience and is a certified level 2 dental assistant.  She ensures a comfortable and efficient visit for parents and children alike and ensures that all our patients have a clear understanding of the treatment recommendations and payment options.


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Vaughan Mills Sleep Dentistry is a Referral Based Anaesthesia Specialty practice located in Vaughan, Ontario (right next to Vaughan Mills mall). We provide all levels of sedation but the majority of our patients require deep sedation or general anaesthesia to complete their dental work.

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