In our office, we usually treat children who falls into one or more of these categories:

  1. Any type or amount of dental work for a child who is pre-cooperative (3 and under), un-cooperative (any age), or anxious/afraid of the dentist either due to poor past experiences (needle at Physician for vaccines or needle at Dentist) or anxiety in general.
  2. Child, cooperative or not, who needs extensive dental work, where parents may opt to complete ALL dental work in ONE appointment under deep sedation/general anesthesia at our office with no memory or recall.
  3. Children whose parents are adamant about not “frightening or scaring” their children in any way and prefer a sleep option so there is no memory or recall of the procedures.

The Consultation

  • Prior to any treatment or any anesthesia being rendered, you and your child will meet Dr. Waxman in consultation. A consultation is a friendly, but important meeting between you, your child, and Dr. Waxman. A consultation visit is always scheduled on a day prior to the dental anesthesia visit.
  • Dr. Waxman will review a detailed medical history, family history and physical exam including heart and lung auscultation.  Please come prepared with all medications and illnesses your child has at present or had in the past (including birth history). We will then review a detailed plan of the most appropriate way to anesthetize your child on the day of treatment.  Depending on the level of cooperation, we will attempt to do a dental exam with a dental mirror only and obtain x-rays if the child is able to aid in diagnosis.
  • The only instrumentation used during the consultation is a small round mouth mirror which your child is welcome to hold. We understand that children often absorb adult fear and anxiety so we keep the office atmosphere light and fun, but we take our responsibilities concerning general anesthesia and dentistry very seriously.
  • Children are welcome to “be themselves” and play and explore during their visit. At the conclusion of the consultation, your child may choose a toy from the treasure chest in the room.

Treatment Day

Please ensure ALL PRE-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS have been followed carefully and with confidence.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your appointment and a fee.  (See “Instructions” Tab)

Please arrive ON TIME for your appointment with your child only (no siblings) and two responsible adults (at least one being a parent/decision maker).  Please note, we sometimes are early or delayed from our prior appointments and we appreciate your understanding in advance if we are delayed for any reason. We always strive to stay on schedule.


  • During the anesthetic procedure, your child is monitored continuously by the anesthetic team.  Your child’s heart (electricity and rate), breathing (rate and quality), blood pressure, temperature, and oxygenation are measured continuously while the dental work is completed.
  • With the exception of extractions (if they are required) dental treatment can be completed without local anesthesia (freezing).

Dental Treatment

  • While your child is comfortably sleeping, we will take all necessary x-rays and pictures of the teeth with our camera and do a thorough inspection of the mouth and teeth and create a finalized treatment plan.  Parents will be fully informed of the required dental work and shown the x-rays and pictures taken before Dr. Waxman proceeds.  We require consent to proceed before any dental work is started.  As the dental work progresses, if there are any changes to the dental plan, the parents are always informed in real time.
  • Your child’s teeth will be restored or treated while they are asleep using only the most current and high quality techniques and materials.
  • Dr. Waxman is usually able to complete all of your child’s dental treatment in one appointment unless there are unusual circumstances. A full report including x-ray imaging will be forwarded to your family dentist in support of the best possible continuing care.

Dr. Waxman provides the following dental treatment for children while asleep:

  • Examinations
  • Digital x-rays (to aid in diagnosis of the teeth and jaws)
  • Tooth coloured restorations (white fillings)
  • Dental hygiene (scaling, prophy and fluoride)
  • Extractions (tooth removal for infected teeth or teeth that are too broken)
  • Space maintainers (to preserve space for permanent teeth) while ASLEEP!
  • Pulpotomies / Pulpectomies (“baby root canals”)
  • Stainless steel crowns (for larger cavities or for teeth that required root canal)


When treatment is complete, your child will be transferred to an adjacent recovery room and placed carefully in a bed where he/she will be allowed time to sleep off the anesthesia medications.

The nurse will explain the recovery process to you and is immediately available during your child’s recovery.  You will be invited to join your child in Recovery. There is a comfortable recliner where you can relax.

Your child will have no memory of the appointment. If freezing was administered, his/her mouth may feel different. This is where mom and dad can offer comfort and reassurance. Your child can cuddle with you in the recliner. The Nurse remains with your child until you are ready to go home.

Going Home

The Doctor and Nurse will explain everything you need to know to care for your child at home. You will be given instructions in writing. It is very important that you follow these instructions.

(After Anesthesia Instructions can be viewed in the “Instructions” Tab)

You are welcome to call our office any time if you have any questions.
Children are usually OK to go back to school and resume normal activity the next day unless advised otherwise by the Doctor


Vaughan Mills Sleep Dentistry is a Referral-based Specialty Practice. As such, we do not provide recall or check-up appointments and we do not employ a dental hygienist for dental cleanings. When your child’s treatment is completed here, it is important that you return to your family dentist, or select a family dentist if you do not have one, and follow his/her recommendations for continuing care as per Dr. Waxman’s recommendation. It is very important to have your child’s teeth professionally cleaned and checked on a regular basis with your referring dentist. 

A full report of dental treatment and x-rays will be forwarded to your dentist.

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Vaughan Mills Sleep Dentistry is a Referral Based Anaesthesia Specialty practice located in Vaughan, Ontario (right next to Vaughan Mills mall). We provide all levels of sedation but the majority of our patients require deep sedation or general anaesthesia to complete their dental work.

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