What is Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia?

During the state of deep sedation or general anesthesia, dental work can be completed with no sensation of pain, no awareness of the procedure, and no memory or recall of the procedure

Safety and Monitoring

The safety of every patient undergoing anesthesia, for all ages, is our collective priority. From our highly qualified Doctor and specially trained clinical team, to our hospital grade equipment and our finely tuned protocols and quality medications, EVERY effort is made to ensure your experience at Vaughan Mills Sleep Dentistry is one of high level safety, care and treatment.

We use the standard monitors required for the administration of anesthesia and continuously monitor our patients’ vital signs and breathing quality throughout the procedure.

We practice Procedural Team Anaesthesia, which means that there are THREE trained and designated professionals monitoring our patients while they are under anesthesia:

1) The Doctor/Anesthesiologist 2) Registered Nurse  3) Anesthesia-focussed Dental Assistant.

Dr. Waxman AND his nursing team are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and the whole team is trained in Basic Life Support-Health Care (BCLS-H).

Operating Room priorities at Vaughan Mills Sleep Dentistry are:

1. Patient safety 
2. Team communication and cross-checks
3. Delivery of high quality dental treatment

Once Anesthesia has been administered, DR. WAXMAN NEVER LEAVES THE PATIENT.

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Vaughan Mills Sleep Dentistry is a Referral Based Anaesthesia Specialty practice located in Vaughan, Ontario (right next to Vaughan Mills mall). We provide all levels of sedation but the majority of our patients require deep sedation or general anaesthesia to complete their dental work.

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